Privacy Policy

Surugadai University's Web Site is managed by Surugadai University.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to users accessing the Web Site to use the content supplied by the University. Please read this Privacy Policy before using the Web Site. Users of the Web Site are deemed to have understood and agreed to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Moreover, the University shall have no responsibility for the handling of personal information on external web sites linked to from the Web Site.

The University may change the contents of this Privacy Policy, without any prior notice, in order to ensure the protection of users' personal information, or in line with the creation or amendment of the relevant laws and regulations. Please verify the latest content of this Privacy Policy before using the Web Site.

The University's protection of personal information is based on the following basic policy:

1. Collection of Personal Information

The University may collect personal information from users of the Web Site. When collecting personal information, the University shall clearly state the intended purpose of use, and said information shall not be used outside of the required scope. The University shall follow legal and fair methods for the collection of said information.

2. Management and Storage of Personal Information

The University gives management responsibility to the relevant department for the handling of personal information for the appropriate administration and storage of said information. Moreover, the University endeavors to protect users' personal information by taking appropriate safety measures against potential external leakage, loss, damage, destruction, and falsification of said information, as well as illegal access from external locations.

3. Usage of Personal Information

Personal information collected by the University shall be used only as necessary for achieving the intended purpose of use.

Moreover, non-identifiable statistical information (age group, geographical location, browser type, etc.) shall be used for justifiable purposes, including as data for the improvement of the service, supply of information, high quality management of the Web Site, etc.

The University may use the supplied personal information, with prior consent from the users, in order to send information via e-mail, etc. If users no longer wish to receive this information, they may contact the University to stop receiving said notifications.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The University shall not supply or disclose any personal information collected from users to third parties, unless when required for entrusting certain business tasks to contractors or partners in order to achieve the intended purpose of use for the collected personal information.

However, the University may disclose users' personal information to external institutions if required to do so by law, or if deemed as necessary in the following cases:

* If managers or administrators of the University or the Web Site are requested to do so by a public institution.

* In order to safeguard or protect the rights or property of a member of the teaching staff, student, child, or information supplier at the University.

* In order to take urgent action in order to guarantee the physical safety of the University, information supplier, or the general public.

5. Requests for Disclosure, Amendment, and Deletion of Personal Information

The University shall respond to personal information disclosure requests received from users, in line with laws and regulations, as reasonably possible and without delay. However, this does not apply if disclosing said information would violate the rights of a third party or cause considerable difficulty to the operation of the University.

Moreover, requests from users for amendments or deletions of personal information shall be executed by the University as quickly as possible.

6. Continuous Reviews

The University shall endeavor to perform continuous reviews and improvements to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

7. Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall come under the jurisdiction of Japanese Law (domestic laws and treaties). Moreover, any disputes arising from the use of the Web Site shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

Maintenance and Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The University shall comply with the Japanese laws and regulations concerned with the protection of personal information and any other relevant stipulations. Moreover, the University shall also endeavor to perform continuous reviews and improvements to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

This Privacy Policy shall come under the jurisdiction of Japanese Law (domestic laws and treaties), as well as the "Surugadai University's Official Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information" as stipulated by the University.

The University shall always adhere to these governing laws.