About Surugadai University

Introduction to the campus

Global Education Center

Foreign Language Education Center

Our hub for deepening cultural interchange between Japanese students and exchange students is the “Global Education Center.” We have a wide selection of study aids, language exam workbooks, manga comics, etc. to support language studies in Japanese, as well as English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Also, throughout the year, we host a wide variety of events for strengthening cross-cultural understanding and friendly relations.

Introduction to events held at the Global Education Center

  • Tanabata Festival(Festival of the Weaver) (July)
  • Christmas Party (December)
  • New Years Traditional Games(January)
  • Girls’ Festival (March)
  • Flower Arrangement Workshop
  • Calligraphy Workshop
  • Kimono Dressing Workshop

Media Center

Media Center

At Surugadai University, where one can specialize in “visual and audio production,” “web graphic design,” “animation production,” “library and archiving,” etc., the Media Center plays an important role. Functioning as a library, information center, and museum, the facility is also equipped with an FM studio, digital editing equipment, and film studio. Every day, the Center is thriving with students who utilize the computer and multi media equipment, receive and transmit information, conduct searches, and work in production and editing processes.

Archives, museum and lounge floor(Media Center 5th Floor)

The achievements of the university’s founder and our history are recorded and exhibited at the “Yamazaki Commemoration Room.”
The “View Lounge,” a bright and enjoyable area from which to see a bird’s eye view of the campus.
This is a space to refresh and catch your breath whenever you get tired from studying in the library, or working in the editing suite!

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

Beginning with our Training Center, Surugadai University is equipped with a variety of facilities for enjoying sports, including an athletic field with a 400 meter track and the latest model artificial turf, tennis courts and a baseball field equipped for nighttime play, a hockey rink, canoe area, and gymnasium for use in a variety of indoor sport activities.

Training Center

An especially popular facility among our exchange students is our Training Center, equipped with approximately 80 machines in 40 varieties, including equipment for cardiorespiratory endurance, aerobic equipment, and equipment for strength training as well as for measuring physical fitness.
For students who wish to effectively improve their strength, we offer instruction from specialized trainers who can even provide advice on diet as well.
After receiving an introductory orientation from our trainers, you can use our facilities at any time.

Surugadai University is a thriving place for a variety of competitive sports, including baseball, hockey, and canoeing. Our on-campus sports facilities frequently serve as the host sites for many official competitions. Enjoy participating in sports, and we also invite you to come and cheer on Surugadai University’s club teams as well!

Frontier Towers

Frontier Towers

These are our university’s single-room unit dormitories. Equipped with the latest security systems, all rooms provide 24 hour internet access. We provide a safe and pleasant student life environment.

Washitsu(Japanese style room)

This is our exclusive “wa” environment room on campus. We use this space to conduct activities such as tea ceremony and calligraphy workshops for our exchange students, as a place to introduce Japanese culture.