About Surugadai University

A message from the president

Surugadai University President
OMORI Kazuhiro

Surugadai University offers its support to international students in Japan in order that they will gain a good command of the Japanese language, enjoy a range of different experiences, and become active world citizens able to comprehend different cultures and senses of value.

This university has prepared Japanese language classes catering to the various levels of proficiency of international students and proactively encourages students to sit the Japanese language certification exams. The university provides fees reduction/exemption schemes related to enrolment fees and course fees and has various scholarship schemes in place so that international students may focus on their studies without financial worries. Our staff provide kind-hearted consultation about various procedures and daily life- and study-related matters. In terms of job-seeking, we provide seminars especially for international students and actively support their job-seeking activities in Japan.

We also provide a range of opportunities for international students to come into contact with Japan’s culture and traditions and come to understand the soul of the country. During the summer vacation period, we organize trips visiting the quintessential sightseeing spots of Kyoto and Nara for international students. By experiencing things such as Japanese family life or traditional practices such as mochi-pounding, international students can come to enjoy a deeper level of exchange with the local community.

All members of staff at Surugadai University are ready to extend their full support so that our international students may experience a fully rounded life here in Japan and take command of their own futures. We extend our warmest welcome to you all.

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