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About Japanese Language Education at
Surugadai University

Surugadai University offers the following Japanese language subjects. Except for compulsory subjects, there is also the possibility to choose subjects depending on one’s interests and proficiency.

Japanese Subjects at Surugadai University

Compulsory Subjects and Elective Subjects

Comprehensive Japanese I/II(Compulsory)

This class is for first -year students. Students learn basic Japanese expressions.
Enhancing vocabulary will lead to better comprehension.

Japanese Communication I/II (Compulsory)

This class is for first-year students. Students acquire Japanese reading skills which are necessary for university classes. Students will be able to enjoy reading while learning how to read Japanese. Students will also be able to discuss what they read with classmates.

Advanced Japanese I/II (Japanese IIIA・IIIB)」(Compulsory)

This class is for second-year students and third-year transfer students. In preparation for writing a graduation thesis in Japanese in the fourth year, students will learn how to write logically step by step from their second or third year.

Japanese Seminar (Elective)

Every student from the first to fourth year can take a Japanese Seminar for a semester or more. To pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT), students will do practical exercises and take mock exams. Japanese Grammar and General Japanese are included in Japanese Seminar.