Prospective international students

About Japanese Language Education at
Surugadai University

Surugadai University offers the following Japanese language subjects. Except for compulsory subjects, there is also the possibility to choose subjects depending on one’s interests and proficiency.

Group A – Compulsory Subjects

“Japanese I” and “Japanese II” are compulsory subjects for first-year students. “Japanese III” is a compulsory subject for second-year students and students who have been admitted to the university as third-year students. “Japanese – Japanese Issues” is a compulsory subject for students of Faculty of Economics and Management.

Japanese I

As a comprehensive Japanese language course, students will be primarily involved in sessions outside of class, project learning, presentations, and so on in this class.

Japanese II

This class involves reading various types of texts, ranging from academic subjects to novels. Students will also learn the skills to read texts in a critical manner.

Japanese III

Students will learn how to express themselves academically in Japanese through acquiring skills in areas such as the grammar of written language and writing a paper. Apart from textbooks, this class will also use materials such as newspaper and internet texts.

Japanese – Japanese Issues

This class aims to give students the skills to read and have discussions about current themes such as global environmental issues, globalization and the role of businesses.

Group B – Elective Subjects

These elective subjects of Japanese language are taught for periods of a half semester. Students will practice specific skills or learn about specific themes related to the Japanese language in small groups. The practice subjects consist of “Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparatory Grammar Practice”, “Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparatory Vocabulary Practice” and “Business Japanese.”

Preparatory Practice for Japanese Language Proficiency Test

It’s essential for students who aspire to find a job in Japan to acquire the N1-level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. By solving a large volume of exercises, students are prepared for the tests in July and December.

Course in Keigo – Business Japanese

Students will learn conversational Japanese related to expressions in keigo (polite Japanese) for business settings, but also for usage in daily life. It also includes conversational training aimed at various interview scenarios.

Japanese A – B – Supplementary Course

This course is aimed at international exchange students. “Japanese A – B” focuses on improving specific skills such as conversation and listening/reading comprehension. The “Supplementary Course” supports students on an individual level in grammar and their overall study of the Japanese Language.